As an organisation providing services at different levels of conformity assessment, Sertifike works with industry-leading principles.

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Sertifike provides a level of expertise based on 15+ years of experience in product certification. In this way, you can not only add prestige to your brand, but also export your products by adding them to the international trade chain. Sertifike experts protect you from unnecessary expenses by considering the costs while designing the service you need. Sertifike experts support you in every step of this process and make your work easier.


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Product Certification


Product Certification

Before products can be placed on the market in our country and in target export countries, various types of product certification programs mandated by technical regulations must be obtained. Manufacturers and other economic operators are obligated to complete the compliance assessment stages described in the regulations in order to affix the product mark (CE Mark, EAC Mark, UKCA Mark, TSE Mark, etc.) that demonstrates the required quality to their products. As a certifying body, we take on turnkey responsibilities in all these certification processes, including testing, technical documentation, quality systems, and more


Quality Management Systems

Quality Management Systems not only help organizations comply with relevant legal regulations but also provide prestige and brand value to organizations that hold certificates according to relevant standards. At Sertifike, we assist organizations that want to obtain certification by establishing the quality system from scratch and putting it into operation, thereby enhancing their competence in this regard. Once the certification process is completed, we provide support to manufacturers with continuous field activities to ensure the continuity of their quality systems.


Industrial Services

Especially in projects requiring substantial investments, flawless process execution has become a technical requirement in addition to preventing possible delays, with cost and quality dimensions. At Sertifike, we provide services in certification processes according to standards such as personnel certification (WPS), Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR), EN ISO 3834, and EN 15085, primarily for manufacturers engaged in source manufacturing. Moreover, with our worldwide inspector network, we conduct a wide range of engineering and supervision activities, from supplier selection to continuous monitoring of ordered products.


Accreditation Consultancy

The volume of the conformity assessment sector continues to grow, both globally and in our country. At Sertifike, we offer turnkey projects for organizations that want to become accredited in terms of establishing the quality system and operating the accreditation system according to EN 17000 series standards. In addition, we stand by conformity assessment bodies in the post-accreditation authorization process for specific certification programs.

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