SASO Certification Process

SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization) plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and compliance of products in Saudi Arabia. The SASO certificate is a document that demonstrates that products conform to specific standards and can be safely sold in the Saudi Arabian market. At Sertifike, we provide end-to-end support for your SASO certification processes with our team of expert consultants and auditors.

What is SASO Certification?

SASO certification is a document that verifies that products comply with specific standards and technical regulations. This certificate ensures the safety and quality of products and enhances consumer confidence. SASO mandates this certificate as a requirement for products to be freely distributed in Saudi Arabia.

Why is SASO Certification Important?

The SASO certificate ensures the safety and compliance of products. This certification provides consumers with the confidence that products adhere to specific standards and can be used safely. Additionally, SASO certification enhances the competitiveness of products in the Saudi Arabian market and builds consumer trust.

How to Obtain SASO Certification?

To obtain SASO certification, certain steps need to be followed. Here are the fundamental steps to obtain SASO certification:

  1. Determining Standards: The first step is to assess whether your product falls under the scope of SASO standards. You can check the standards for your products on the official SASO website or consult Sertifike experts to gather information about the standards applicable to your product.
  2. Testing and Certification: Your product needs to undergo specific tests and require the preparation of necessary documents. During this process, test reports and other documents that verify your product’s compliance with specific standards must be provided. Through Sertifike’s global network of partner laboratories, we organize the testing in accredited laboratories to ease the process for our clients.
  3. Inspection: SASO certification is granted solely by the organization itself, so an application must be submitted to SASO. Your application is reviewed, and a certification body is assigned to verify your product’s compliance with SASO standards. During these processes, Sertifike manages and conducts all communication to ensure that manufacturers can focus their
  4. Issuance of SASO Certificate: Upon a successful outcome of the process, SASO issues your certificate, which attests to the compliance of your product. This certificate enables you to freely distribute your product in the Saudi Arabian market.

SASO Certification Consultancy Services

Obtaining an SASO certificate can be a complex process, and professional consultancy services can simplify matters. SASO certification consultancy services assist you in assessing the compliance of your product, providing guidance during the testing and certification process, and managing the application process. These services streamline the process of obtaining an SASO certificate and help you save time and resources.