We protect all kinds of information we obtain within the framework of the service with the principle of confidentiality. We implement the requirements and confidentiality protection of both our customers and accredited certification bodies with this principle. Within this framework, we do not share the information and documents we obtain with third parties without the consent of our customer, unless requested by the relevant Courts within a legal process.


Our customers require detailed information about the services they receive. While this information is provided in technical regulations and standards, we provide our customers with technical information transparently. Many regulations contain approaches that protect manufacturers and economic operators. Through our certification specialists, you have easy access to this information.

Service Quality

By prioritising the needs of our customers, we help them avoid costs and protect them from time losses. We meet all the technical needs of our customers with a confident and professional team. We do what has never been done before by solving your certification needs in a turnkey model. Enjoy receiving service from a Sertifike expert with its open communication principle, friendly approach and expertise in its field.


We take our decisions with the principle of objectivity and act in consideration of the values we represent and public safety. Sertifike operates all kinds of mechanisms to eliminate predetermined risks and bases its determinations and statements on objective and written facts.