Solar Keymark Certification for Your Solar Energy Products: Ensuring Quality and Performance

Our company offers Solar Keymark certification consultancy and documentation services to help you manufacture and distribute your solar energy products in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient manner. Solar Keymark is a globally recognized certification system that guarantees the quality and performance of solar energy products such as solar collectors and hot water storage tanks.

What is Solar Keymark?

Solar Keymark is a certification system created to promote and regulate the use of solar energy products in Europe and many other countries. This certification demonstrates that products meet precise standards for reliability, performance, and energy efficiency. Products carrying the Solar Keymark certification earn trust in the market for meeting industry standards and meeting consumer demands.

Why Solar Keymark Certification?

  • Quality and Performance Guarantee: Solar Keymark verifies the high quality and performance of products, instilling confidence in customers.
  • Market Access: Solar Keymark certification can help your products become more competitive in the international market.
  • Energy Efficiency: Solar Keymark certification confirms the energy efficiency of your products, contributing to environmental sustainability and energy savings.

Which Standards Does Solar Keymark Certification Include?

Solar Keymark certification includes several important standards:

  1. EN 12975: This standard specifies requirements and test methods for determining the thermal performance of solar collectors.
  2. EN 12976: This standard specifies requirements and test methods for determining the thermal performance of hot water storage tanks.
  3. ISO 9806: This international standard provides a range of test methods for evaluating the performance of solar collectors.

Our Services

Our company provides comprehensive guidance throughout the Solar Keymark certification process. Our services include:

  • Managing the Solar Keymark application and process.
  • Organizing tests to assess product compliance with requirements.
  • Preparation and oversight of documentation.
  • Expediting the certification process and reducing costs.
  • Continuous audit and update services.