Our Mission

As Sertifike, we aim to provide our customers with sustainable solutions. In line with our core values, we strive to elevate quality standards across every sector of the business world and offer our customers a competitive advantage. By embracing the principles of professionalism, reliability, and customer focus, we support the success of our business partners and encourage continuous development and improvement efforts.

Our Beliefs

We believe that working with a shared consciousness, determination, and discipline is crucial for creating a more sustainable world and a better future. We also emphasize the importance of effectively implementing factors that enhance the health and safety of people and the environment in technical regulations. In line with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s principle, “The one who loves their country the most is the one who does their job the best,” we believe that contributing to our country’s exports will elevate our standard of living.

Our Dreams

We aspire to be not only examples but also sources of inspiration for future generations, hoping to participate in projects that not only set an example but also help raise common living standards. Our journey is driven by the aim to create value and make the world not only sustainable but also more livable.

Our Principles

We keep customer information confidential, respecting their efforts, and do not share it with third parties without legal obligations or customer consent. We fulfill our responsibilities with care and attention, maintaining our customer-centric approach and prioritizing community safety in all stages of our service. centric approach and prioritizing community safety in all stages of our service. Our solution-oriented approach is evident in every aspect of our service to customers.

Sertifike In Brief

Sertifike was founded in 2023 by Ilker Erdinc ELINÇ and Tutku Gur with the aim of delivering their technical expertise in the field of conformity assessment and their unique and attentive customer approach to clients.

At Sertifike, we aspire to provide manufacturers in the production and industrial sectors with a range of services, including testing, inspections, consultancy, and certification services. Additionally, we aim to offer international-level business development, accreditation, and Approved Body consultancy to conformity assessment bodies. Drawing upon our 15 years of industry experience, particularly in areas such as CE certification for export to European Union countries, Gost-R and EAC certification for Russia and affiliated nations, and SASO certification for Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastern countries, we aim to bring our expertise to manufacturing and exporting clients.

Furthermore, through our services in accreditation, authorization, business development, and qualified investment consultancy for organizations engaged in conformity assessment activities, we seek to promote the development of the conformity assessment concept in our country.

If you are seeking an effective partner with a network of solution providers and

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